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Mission to the UN


Mission to the UN


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02:00 PM

Mar 23

Side Event

UN-WATER Conference

Sustainable Climate Action and capacity building for Water Crises

On the occasion of the UN-Water Conference, the distinguished Mission of the Bahamas, Morocco, and Tajikistan, in affiliation with the United Nations Institute for Training and Research (UNITAR) and in association with the World Youth Group, is hosting a high-level side event on March 23rd at the UNHQ.

The purpose of the event is to provide governments, young parliamentarians, and Permanent Missions with the opportunity to share their contributions towards tackling the water crisis through sustainable climate change and capacity building. The event will focus on the importance of natural resource management, governance, and leadership, and highlight the critical need for youth engagement in national and global climate action and capacity building on water crises.

As water becomes scarcer and more stretched, its ability to support progress in several of the SDGs, particularly on poverty, hunger, sustainability and the environment is being reduced. The response to water crises needs the multi-value approach governance that requires the active participation of a diverse set of actors, including those whose voices are not always heard. Data generation, validation, standardization, and information exchange across sectors is an important contribution to water services valuation. Capacity development must play a central role in building a global understanding that water is a finite, limited, fragile resource in need of pragmatic and equitable approaches to value water services.

This knowledge-sharing opportunity aspires to cultivate interest in new water investment opportunities that contribute to data and information, capacity development, innovation not limited to technological innovations, and governance. The event will feature the participation of Members of Parliament from various countries who are part of the Committee on SDG 13 of the World Youth Group. They have been involved in discussions concerning the global water crisis, with a focus on conservation and management. Their participation will be a highlight of this much anticipated conference.


Youth Engagement in Governance and Capacity Building on Water Crises

support for the World Youth Group's campaign for the UN resolution "Climate Education' , prioritizing on natural resource awareness and management.

Hon.Luisa Canziani

Member of Parliament -Brazil

Hon.Mariam Lashkhi

Member of Parliament, Georgia

Hon.Mercia Viriato

Member of Parliament, Mozambique

Hon.Omar Jobe

Member of Parliament, The Gambia

Hon.Dionisio Pereira, Guinea Bissau

Member of Parliament, Guinea Bissau

Hon.Miguel Matos

Member of Parliament, Portugal

Hon.Imanga Wamunyima

Member of Parliament, Zambia

Hon.Itumeleng Ntsube

Member of Parliament, South Africa


H.E.Amb.Stan Smith (Moderator)

Permanent Representative, Mission of Bahamas UN

Hon.Bahodur Sheralizoda

Chair- Committee of Environmental Protection, Government of Tajikistan

*H.E.Amb.Omar Hilale

Permanent Representative - Mission of Morocco UN

*H.E.Amb.Marco Suazo

Director - United Nations Institue for Training and Research (UNITAR), NY

Hon.Itumeleng Ntsube

Member of Parliament - South Africa

Hon.Omar Jobe

Member of Parliament - The Gambia

Hon.Imanga Wamunyima

Member of Parliament - Zambia

Hon.Mariam Lashkhi

Member of Parliament - Georgia

Hon.Luisa Canziani

Member of Parliament - Brazil

Hon.Miguel Matos

Member of Parliament - Portugal

Hon.Mercia Viriato

Member of Parliament - Mozambique


Ms.Nikita Shiel-Rolle (Moderator)

Scientist/Researcher, Govt of Bahamas

Dr.Koen Verbist

Program Specialist, UNESCO

Mr.Ismail Farjia

Mohammed VI Foundation, Morocco

Hon.John Bowleg

Water Specialist - Govt of Bahamas