Committee on SDG 16

Sustainable development Goals and other social endeavors cannot be accomplished without durable global peace and stability. The World Youth Group’s vision for a peaceful society is framed in the belief that it is possible only if we choose to learn from each other, as much of the unrest and tension in the world is directly built on a lack of understanding of cultures different from our own.

The Diplomatic Forum (TDF) is a Common-Agreed-Program(CAP) of the Committee on SDG16. The Diplomatic Forum demonstrates the WORLD YOUTH GROUP's staunch support and commitment in building a peaceful youth community through learning and understanding of each other.   The Diplomatic Forum promotes SDG 16 – Peace, Justice and Strong Institution, and SDG 4– Quality Education. The Diplomatic Forum gives the platform for nations representatives; UN Diplomats, Ambassadors, Consuls and Head of States to interact, explain and educate the students and youth about their respective nations; culture, history, mannerisms, and commonalities. TDF also plays a significant role in motivating the youth and students towards the socio-political sector when the Diplomat shares about his/her path to diplomacy.

Committee on SDG-16


H.E.Amb.Collen V.Kelapile

Permanent Representative of BOTSWANA to the UN 

Chair of the Advisory Board


Mr.Christo Thomas

Chair, World Youth Group

chief delegate

Hon.Ms.Biance Borges

Exe. Secretariate, OCLAE

chief delegate