SDG 13 : CAP

Climate Change is a reality and acknowledged to pose a serious existential threat to our planet and anything that lives. Overwhelming scientific evidence indicates that the situation is growing dire by the day and must be addressed with urgency. It is also true that the youths of today are the world leaders of tomorrow and some regions of the world including developing countries, host the highest youthful populations and the numbers are increasing.


My Species is a Fundamental Objectives of The Master Plan. This Common Agreed Program (CAP) entails promoting and educating our youth on the struggle for the existence of many species in this world and its relation to Climate Change. ‘My Animal’ or ‘My Bird’ or ‘My Fish’, is a CAP that belongs to the SDG-13 of the Fundamental Objective of the Master Plan. Each member organization of the Master Plan will advocate for one Animal/Bird/Fish, which are in the Endangered, Critically Endangered, Near Threatened, or Least Concern category.

Committee on SDG-13


H.E.Amb. Omar Hilale

Permanent Representative of MOROCCO to the UN 


H.E.Amb.Mr.Rodrigo Zeledon

Permanent Representative of COSTA RICA to the UN 


H.E.Amb. Ngedikes Olai Uludongai

Permanent Representative of PALAU to the UN 


H.E.Mr.Peter K Kodjie

Vice-chair World Youth Group /

Sec-Gen Africa Student Union


Hon. Ms.Mercy Chebeni

Member of Senate, KENYA

chief delegate

Hon.Mr.Braeden Biron John

Member of House of Representatives, PHILIPPINES


Hon. Ms.Nadia Whittome

Member of Parliament, United Kingdom


Hon.Mr.Gustavo Viales

Member of National Assembly, COSTA RICA

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