Collegiate Internationals

Fostering Cultural Exchange and Global Community

Collegiate Internationals, a Common-Agreed-Program (CAP) by the Committee on SDG 4&16 of the World Youth Group, serves as a platform for international students in New York City. Our initiative promotes cultural exchange and friendship, aiming to create a global community for a peaceful world. Notably, many world leaders were once international students, highlighting the importance of nurturing friendships and support. By fostering connections during and beyond their studies, Collegiate Internationals seeks to establish a foundation for bilateral and multilateral friendships and cooperation.

Cultural Exchange

Collegiate Internationals offers a rich tapestry of cultural exchange opportunities through events like 'The Diplomatic Forum', 'Welcome Internationals', and UN events etc... Participants can immerse themselves in diverse cultures, learn about customs, and gain a deeper understanding of global perspectives.

Networking and Friendship Building

The organization's focus on fostering strong bonds among international students extends beyond events. These connections go on to become lasting friendships that can span the globe. Building this network of friends from diverse backgrounds can be invaluable both personally and professionally.

Access to UN Events

Collegiate Internationals is a Common-Agreed-Program of the Committee on SDG 16 of the World Youth Group (WYG). WYG hosts many high-level events in the UNHQ, and other arenas. Being in the CI provides a gateway to UN events, giving students the unique opportunity to engage in discussions on global issues and diplomacy. This access opens doors to a deeper understanding of international relations and the chance to connect with diplomats and experts in various fields.

Support for International Students

Collegiate Internationals' is exploring the operation of support services for international students navigating the challenges of studying abroad in consultation with the International Students Services of all academic institutions in NYC and surrounding cities. These services will be from academic guidance to emotional support, the organization ensures that students feel at home, regardless of their origin, making the transition to a foreign educational environment smoother and more enjoyable.



NOVEMBER 16TH / 06:30 pm to 12:00 am

Welcome Internationals is a yearly extravaganza that unites the vibrant tapestry of NYC's international student community. This event, open to students from all academic institutions, radiates inclusivity and togetherness. Its core mission is threefold: to celebrate the rich tapestry of diversity within our city, to provide a dynamic platform for networking across academic boundaries, and to nurture the growth of lasting friendships among international students. Join us in this exceptional celebration, where unity and cultural richness take center stage.

Annual Donation

Free Entry to Welcome Internationals: Enjoy the annual soirée without the need for additional registration fees. Invitations to All Our Events and Initiatives: Gain access to a wide array of events, workshops, and initiatives hosted by us throughout the year.


Welcome Internationals (15$)

This registration fee is solely for the Welcome Internationals event and does not provide access to our other events and initiatives, and includes a complimentary house drink to elevate your experience. Please note that tickets are limited, so secure yours promptly to ensure your spot at this extraordinary gathering.


Event venue

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